Here is what people are saying about Alaknak Shiba
I am so grateful our paths
crossed.   You have given me a
treasure, a joy, a perfect
addition to my family. Walking
barefoot in the dewy grass
following a curious pup as he
sniffs and romps in the early
morning sunshine is the best
way to start your day...and I'm
loving it.  ~Giovanna, Rhode
Hi Richard & Sharon,
I'm very pleased with my
puppy after 2 1/2 months.
Yuki is a healthy puppy. She
is friendly, happy & smart.
She was potty trained in 2
days and always likes to
welcome our visitors.  She
weighs about 12lbs now. She
is fun to play with but she still
loves nipping our hands all
the time.  Here are some
recent pictures of her.  Hope
you enjoy seeing them.  May
God bless you & your family!  
~Sammy, California
In his first year with us, Captain
has seen and done many
things.  I was lucky enough to
have him accompany me
across the country when I drove
out to RI to see my parents.  
So, by 1 year old he's been
through 26 some states and
made lots of friends.  Also, he
loves riding in the car whenever
he gets a chance and nestles
himself into the passenger
footwell without any complaints.
He does great with other dogs
and even our cat.  The hardest
part about having him around
others is his enthusiasm for
play.  Captain just can't help but
play with anything.  I'm very
thankful for the beautiful dog
you've given me.  He's been a
fantastic addition to my life.
~Matt & Captain, Arizona
Hello Ms. Sharon.  I bought a
Shiba Inu puppy from you about 4
months ago. I just wanted to let
you know she is growing
beautifully. Her name is Kaia. She
is so funny and I'm glad I made
her a part of my life. Here is a
picture of her. Thank you again.
~Danielle & Kaia, North Carolina
Hi there!  I just wanted to update you on how Yume is doing! She
had her second round of shots today and is doing great! She weighs
7.12 lbs and is a healthy little butterball! We got her nails trimmed for
the first time today and she was a champ! No crying or anything!
She's not the quiet reserved little puppy she was when we picked he
up a month ago! She is a hyper ball of nothing but energy! She is
potty trained already which is lovely! We bought a bell for the front
door that she has learned to ring when she wants to go outside, as
well as an indoor grass pad that she goes to when she cant wait.
She is so smart! To smart for her own good ;-) we love her very
much and thank you very much for helping us add to our family! I've
attached some recent pictures of her for your enjoyment!  
Cheers!!       ~Tif & Josh , Washington
I want to thank you so much for Remi. He has become the best
addition to the family that anyone can hope for. He's affectionate,
sweet, and everything that I've ever hoped for and more. There's a
few other puppy Shibas in the neighborhood, and every night we go
to the dog run where we all meet up and have a blast with our dogs.
He is growing so fast and made so many friends already, its been
such an amazing experience so far. I can't explain how happy I am
to have contacted you that very first day. So thank you Sharon. =)  -
~Jackie, New York
We got our baby, Jackson,
on January 6, 2011.  He
was 3 months old and so
tiny.  He has grown to be a
wonderful companion and
is by far the best dog we
have ever had.  He's great
with our girls and loves to
give everyone kisses.  
Thank you Richard and
Sharon for giving us this
very special little man and
making our family complete.
~Tim and Kristi, Indiana