We are Richard & Sharon.
We live in North Central Missouri with our Shiba Inu's and Nubian dairy goats on a
53 acre "ranch".  Richard was born and raised in Northwest Missouri while Sharon
is a true Alabamian.  We have been raising K-9s here at Alaknak since 1995.  
Alaknak K9 companions are located in many states here in the U.S..  We study
each Shiba from the time it is small through adulthood to determine that the
qualities are present that Shiba Inu should possess.  These qualities include
temperament, conformation, coat quality and color.
Alaknak recommends the following website connections to learn more
about your future Shiba companion before you bring him/her home.  We
refer you to the links below rather than try to reinvent the wheel.  These
sites will give complete information and more links in order to learn about
the Shiba Inu.

Alaknak strongly recommends that owners spay or neuter their Shiba if the
intent is to use them as a companion/pet.  Far too often puppies are born
either by design or mistake and end up at a shelter when he/she grows up
and is no longer a lovable puppy.  Please be a responsible pet owner and
spay or neuter.  If the intent is to use your new addition for show or
performance, please weigh all the facts if the time should come to create
a new litter of puppies.   This is a huge responsibility that you will assume
and you are responsible for the destiny of those puppies.  The Shiba Inu is
indeed an extremely beautiful breed but they are very independent
minded and VERY active, so be prepared for this addition to your life.

Once you have researched the Shiba Inu and your desire is to have one as a
lifelong companion, then contact us and we will do our best to make sure
that your purchasing experience is a pleasant one that matches you with
the Shiba of your choice.

Richard & Sharon