It is sometimes difficult to find a specific puppy on puppyfind, so if
there is a puppy on our website that you are interested in
purchasing, please contact us and we will provide you with current
information on that particular pup.  We can deliver puppies for an
additional fee (see notes below).   You are also welcome to pick up
your puppyfrom our home.
Policies, Prices and Fees
We require a $300.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold each puppy.  If for
some reason you prefer not to take a puppy from the litter on which you have
placed your deposit, if there are not enough pups in the litter to provide for
deposits taken, or in the rare instance that the female may not have become
pregnant at breeding, your deposit will be rolled over to the next available litter.
All puppies must be paid for in full by 6 weeks of age and picked up or delivered
by 8 weeks of age unless breeder agrees to other arrangements.  Alaknak
reserves the right to cancel a sale if at any point prior to delivery, if we feel that
the situation is not conducive to the physical and mental well being of the
puppy.  Any deposits/payments will be promptly refunded at that time.
AKC - Pet Price                                            $1500
Limited Registration
(Spay/Nueter of your pet is strongly suggested.
A refund of $50.00 will be given upon reciept of
written notification from  a licensed veterinarian, on vet
letterhead, that spay/neuter has been performed.)

AKC - Breeder/Show Price                      $3500
Full Registration

Personal delivery area is within a 350 mile radius of north
Missouri.  Delivery to other areas will be considered on a case by
case basis.  Ask us about meeting halfway if you are on the east
or west coast or points beyond the 350 mile radius.  Fees do
apply as shown below.

Delivery fee (up to 150 miles)                 $75.00

A flat rate will apply for anything over 150 miles and you
will be given a quote at the time of your inquiry.

We accept payment via Paypal, Western Union, WalMart
Moneygram, or check/money order by mail.  We do however,
prefer PayPal or Western Union.  
We do not accept personal
checks for final payment.
 Once you have confirmed your
intent to purchase a puppy, we will invoice you via email and you
can choose your method of payment.
ALAKNAK SHIBA INU strives to produce healthy, genetically sound Siberians and Shiba Inu with a
stable temperament.  We have incorporated several bloodlines into our breeding program.  All of
our AKC Shibas are  registered and come with Limited or Full registration.  We make several
matings during the course of the year and the Sire and Dam are carefully selected to produce
offspring that will contribute to the improvement of the breed.  We have all coat colors.   The first
consideration is always toward breeding to minimize genetic faults such as hip dysplasia/patella
issues.  We provide a lifetime support system for each puppy and it's owner and will aid in any
way that we can.

HEALTH CARE - Alaknak puppies may be shipped or picked up at 8 weeks of
age.  The puppies will receive the following health precautions.
                                                                      Health            (Spring & Summer Pups)          
Puppy Age               Wormed               5 way Vacc.      Certificate                 Frontline Plus

4 weeks                           X
6 weeks                  X                     X
8 weeks                  X                     X                  X                            X
GENETIC GUARANTEE -  Alaknak will guarantee the puppy against genetic faults up to the age of  
2 years.  The guarantee applies to replacement of the puppy with one of comparable breeding.  A
vet certificate must be sent to Alaknak along with any X-rays or photographs showing the dog has
the genetic fault.  Alaknak will have their vet evaluate the x-rays/photos to substantiate the claim.  If
the claim is valid, the owner must return the dog to Alaknak at the owner's expense.  Alaknak will
then verify the dog to be one of their breeding and have a vet evaluation done again at Alaknak's
expense as a final step in the process.  If the evaluation substantiates the claim that the dog
indeed has a debilitating genetic fault, then Alaknak will replace it with another puppy. Buyer pays
delivery costs of replacement puppy.  The buyer agrees that
Alaknak will not be responsible for
any cost above and beyond the orginial purchase price or delivery costs of the replacement

VIRAL DISEASES -  All puppies will be guaranteed against viral disease for a 72 hour period after
leaving our kennel excluding Sunday when vet services are not available.  Alaknak requires that all
puppies be evaluated by a veterinarian within 72 hours for the guarantee to be valid.  Alaknak also
requires a copy of the health certificate for that vet visit be mailed or faxed stating the current
health status of the puppy.  Viral diseases are quick acting and serious.  If a problem occurs,
Alaknak will require a veterinarian's certificate stating the cause of death of the puppy.  Puppies
will be replaced at the original purchase price and buyer will pay delivery costs.  Buyer agrees that
Alaknak is not responsible for any vet costs related to treatment that have not been previously
discussed and agreed upon in a written agreement.
In no case will reimbursement be made
beyond the actual purchase price of the puppy.

AKC REGISTRATION  -   All Alaknak Shiba Inu will come with  registration applications.
LIMITED REGISTRATION - Dog may not be bred or shown.  AKC Alaknak puppies come with
limited registration unless otherwise requested.  Dogs may be entered in performance events
with limited registration.
FULL REGISTRATION - Dog may be bred and shown.  Full registration cost is $200.00-$400.00
over limited registration. Full registration is available to serious breeders only whose goal is
breed improvement. Though most all of our Shiba Inu adults have extensive champion lineage,
the opinion as to a dog's show worthiness is often subjective.  Therefore,  
Alaknak does not
guarantee any puppy to be of show quality
.  Full registration is available on certain litters only.

As a dog breeder, animal health is our top priority.  That’s why we enthusiastically
NuVet immune system builder to all of our customers.  Simply put, it is
the best nutritional supplement available today.  
Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are using
NuVet to protect against most
ailments (from back yard pesticides, pet food allergies and hormones, toxic
formaldehyde in furniture and carpeting, ailments transmitted from dog parks and
the vet’s office, etc), while maintaining a beautiful skin and coat.
This is not just a vitamin. It’s an immune system builder with a precise balance of
vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids and high-potency antioxidants.
That’s why it works so well through all three stages of a dog’s life.
All puppies have begun a daily regimen of
NuVet prior to leaving us.  Because of
our confidence in this product and the benefit to the health and well being of our
dogs and puppies, we do ask that you continue giving your puppy
NuVet for the first
year of his/her life in order for the above health guarantee to remain valid.  We feel
strongly that you will also want to continue using the
NuVet supplement even after
that first year.  
NuVet is not available in stores, and is only available to the general
public with an order code from an authorized pet professional. You can find
information on the
"NuVet" page of our website with links to order online.
Alaknak Shiba Inu - 2015